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    In conjunction with Naelofar’s 9th birthday, this year we celebrate the journey of togetherness. A journey that commemorates the strength, resilience, and camaraderie among women. Naelofar ventures beyond our singular limits, shattering all glass ceilings together to inspire future generations. Let us walk hand in hand, amplifying each other's voices and embracing our uniqueness. Together we create freedom to GO FAR, a world where women flourish, united by the unbreakable bond of sisterhood.

      The Liberte N.9 Shawl embodies the essence of our collective journey. It features bold threads intertwined gracefully across the scarf forming multi loops to represent the journey of togetherness and going far together. Adorned with a pattern of loops and knots, it serves as a powerful symbol of strength with unity. Made with our newest satin material, the Adila satin, it boasts a luxurious silky texture while remaining lightweight, ensuring a good grip when styled.

        • - Material: Adila Satin
        • - Measurements: 72” (L) x 27” (W)
        • - Lightweight, cooling and breathable
        • - Easy to drape
        • - Natural sheen finish
          • *Actual product colour may vary slightly due to screen resolution, material, and dyeing process

  • Cooling
fabric guide
  • Opacity
    • LIGHT
    • MEDIUM
    • HEAVY
  • Texture
    • Smooth
    • Slightly Textured
    • Textured
  • Thickness
    • Thin
    • Medium
    • Thick