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Introducing the Kaleidoscope Cotton Voile Square – a mesmerizing symphony of colors and patterns where the beauty is found in the symmetry of the design. This exquisite collection is a celebration of diversity and individuality, inspired by the ever-changing beauty of a kaleidoscope.

Each hijab is a unique work of art, blending vibrant hues and intricate clover-like designs to create a kaleidoscopic masterpiece that adds a touch of elegance and charm to any outfit. Whether you choose the bold colours or the delicate pastel ones, or both, the Kaleidoscope collection invites you to wrap yourself in a tapestry of style and express your personality with every draping.

Indulge in the harmonious symphony of hues and shapes, as this collection comes with 4 different print design to appeal to all appetites and style preference.

  • - Material: Cotton Voile
  • - Measurements: 45” x 45”
  • - Lightweight, cooling and breathable
  • - Self-tie face opening fits all face sizes
  • - Minimal ironing

*Actual product colour may vary slightly due to screen resolution, material, and dyeing process

  • Soft & Breathable
  • Cooling
  • Less Ironing
fabric guide
  • Opacity
    • LIGHT
    • MEDIUM
    • HEAVY
  • Texture
    • Smooth
    • Slightly Textured
    • Textured
  • Thickness
    • Thin
    • Medium
    • Thick
Material Care
  • Hand wash or machine wash in laundry bag on gentle cycle.